SHREK in Malaysia


Catch the visual spectacle of Shrek The Musical on its six-day run next month in Malaysia. The green ogre goes from screen to stage when Shrek The Musical comes to town at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from June 19 till 24.
This DreamWorks blockbuster musical is currently one of the top-selling musicals at London’s West End. The musical is expected to create a buzz here as well as neighbouring Asean countries.
The multiple award-winning production with a 70-strong cast, who will come direct from the US to Kuala Lumpur, will feature a live orchestra.
The role of everyone’s favourite swamp-dwelling ogre, Shrek, will be played by Lukas Poost. Liz Shivener will play the feisty Princess Fiona. Andre Jordan is Shrek’s lovable but annoying best friend Donkey, and Merritt David Janes plays the vertically challenged villain Lord Farquaad.
The musical hopes to target about 3,000 regional and international tourists. The estimated tourist expenditure to be generated is close to RM26 million.
The ultimate aim  it seems is to cement the country as the preferred events destination as  it has all the right elements — infrastructure, connectivity and professional services to make the event a success.
USA Today has described the musical as a “triumph of comic imagination and a big, fat hit that is altogether irresistible”.
Having won a slew of awards including Outstanding Set Design and Outstanding Costume Design, Shrek The Musical is a stunning spectacle of lavish costumes and puppetry that includes a 7.5m-long dragon puppet.
The 130-minute musical also features an entertaining score of 19 all-new songs, as well as Shrek anthem I’m A Believer.  
The musical is supported by MyCEB and the Ministry Of Tourism.
Shows are Tuesday to Friday (8pm) and Saturday and Sunday (3pm and 8pm). Tickets are priced between RM190 and RM590 (excludes RM3 ticketing fee). Only children aged 2 and above will be admitted and they require a ticket for admission.

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