Tractor VS 7 Police Cars


3/8/2012, American vigilante Roger Pion embarked on the wild rampage in Montpelier, Vermont, yesterday after being arrested by police last month.
Mighty tractor!
The 34-year-old displayed his disapproval at the decision by completely destroying seven vehicles after driving his 15-ton tractor into a police car park and flattening three quarters of the force’s fleet.
Just four of the vehicles, out on call, escaped being crushed by what one witness described as ‘pretty much the biggest tractor you can get’.
Farmer Roger Pion faces several charges
Despite the incident taking place directly outside the station, the alarm was only raised when a member of the public dialled 911 to report the event.
‘We had nothing to pursue him with,’ explained Chief Deputy Philip Brooks, after Mr Pion made his escape from the scene of the crime.
‘Nobody was hurt,’ added Sheriff Kirk Martin, ‘That’s the thing everybody’s got to cherish.’
Police later caught up with the runaway farmer two miles away after picking up another cruiser undergoing maintenance work at a nearby service station.
It is believed Mr Pion caused an estimated £200,000 worth of damage, with radios, rifles and other equipment also damaged in the rampage.
Currently being held by Vermont State Police, Mr Pion faces eight charges of unlawful mischief on suspicion of damaging the cars.

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