Proton Saga 2016

The Star 28/9/2016 SHAH ALAM: The new third-generation Proton Saga has arrived, and is a much more refined and fuel-efficient car.

It is priced at RM36,800 (Standard manual); RM39,800 (Standard CVT), RM42,800 (Executive CVT) and RM45,800 (Premium CVT) on-the-road with insurance.

It has a new 1.3-litre VVT (variable valve timing) engine and CVT (continuously variable transmission), and fuel efficiency is better by up to 11%.

The power output remains the same, at 94hp and 120Nm of torque.

Proton says the new Saga was designed to be affordable, fuel economical, stylish and spacious, providing practicality and convenience.

Fuel efficiency is better with 5.4 litres per 100km for the manual transmission variant (previously 6 litres per 100km), and 5.6 litres per 100km for the CVT variant (previously 6.3 litres per 100km).

The new Saga is more aerodynamic with its co-efficient of drag being lower at 0.33cd (previously 0.35cd), which should translate into better fuel efficiency and lower cabin noise levels.

Foldable rear seats, rear fog lamps, front parking sensors, two rear USB charging slots, ISOFIX points for child seats and a 1DIN audio head unit with MP3, Bluetooth and USB features are standard.

Also standard is an Eco Drive Assist indicator, which lights up when you drive in a fuel economical manner.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and brake assist are only available in Executive and Premium variants.

The Premium variant gets extra kit like tint film, steering wheel audio switches, electronic stability control (ESC), traction control, hill hold assist, reverse camera and a 2DIN audio head unit.

The display for the reverse camera is combined with the rear view mirror.

All Saga variants have a 4-star safety rating from Asean NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme for Southeast Asian Countries).

It is offered in six colours namely Fire Red, Cotton White, Topaz Blue, Sterling Silver, Midnight Black and Metal Grey.


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